Draft KKDIK Fees


Draft KKDIK Fees

There is little time left for the registration process to begin under the Turkish Reach Regulation (KKDIK).

According to KKDIK Regulation; for substances that are manufactured or imported on their own or in preparations before 31/12/2023, if the annual amount of them is one ton or more, the registration provisions of the Regulation shall apply between 31/12/2020 and 31/12/2023 (Provisional Article 2). After 31/12/2023, chemicals cannot be placed on the market without their registration.

As it is known, the following issues are subject to a fee according to the regulation:

  • Registration
  • Update to the registration
  • Request not to make information available to the public
  • Product and process oriented Research and Development (R&D) notifications
  • Authorisation application.
  • Reviews of the authorisations

There are numbered days left before the start of the registration; The Draft List, which includes the fees for registration, update of the registration, request not to make information available to the public, and product and process-oriented R&D notifications, was published. The final list will be published in the unit price list of revolving fund management of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization at the beginning of 2021. Since the authorisation provisions will enter into force on 31/12/2023, fees for the authorisation process will be determined later.

In the submissions, reduced fees for SMEs are defined. There is also a significant cost advantage for companies that include joint submissions. The defined lowest fee for registration; 50 TL for a micro-enterprise including joint submission of 1-10 tonnes of substance; the highest fee is determined as 15000 TL for a large enterprise preferring an individual submission of over 1000 tonnes of substance. You can access the tables regarding the fees from the link below:

Draft KKDIK fees table